ePTFE-BIAX – GASKET SHEETS consist of virginal, expanded PTFE. By the manufacturing process, a multidirectional fibrous texture is produced which gives the gasket sheets their very special properties. The materials especially show very low compression rates and low increase in width even under extreme conditions. Because of its multidirectional fibrous texture, ePTFE-BIAX – GASKET SHEETS show very good material characteristics at high surface pressures and increasing temperatures. Even under extreme operating conditions there are very low changes in width and in height, compared to other PTFE materials. By using gaskets made of ePTFE-BIAX – SHEETS high surface pressures will be maintained also at high temperatures. ePTFE-BIAX – GASKET SHEETS is especially designed for highest safety requirements and for the application in critical joints such as flanges in oxygen pipelines. For various applications the ePTFE-BIAX – GASKET SHEETS are available in diverse dimensions, heights and densities.


  • GASKET FORMS – e.g. cut and punched gaskets, with complex geometries, with precise dimension, for series production, also for complete surface sealing, for in-situ-cutting of gaskets
  • COMPONENTS – e.g. pipeline flanges, pump- and stirring machine flanges, apparatus, heat exchangers
  • FLANGE MATERIALS – e.g. FRP, enamel, glass, ceramics, graphite, aluminium, steel, rubber coated materials