MOAX-JOINT SEALANT consists of virginal, expanded PTFE. By the manufacturing process, a microporous fibrous structure is produced which gives the product it´s unique mechanical properties. For fixing onto the sealing surface there is a glue strip on the flat tape forms which is covered with a protective tape. For various applications the MOAX-flat seals and the MOAX-round seals are available in diverse dimensions. With increasing surface pressure MOAX-JOINT SEALANT keep a sufficient height to protect the sealing surface and to avoid damage of components. Even under extreme operating conditions there are only minimal changes in width, so sealing pressures are maintained. Sufficient high pressures on the sealing area are achievable with the MOAX-JOINT SEALANT even at low linear forces. Safety is thereby maintained also with sensitive flanges


  • FLANGES – all types of flanges in frictional connection
  • COMPONENTS – e.g. pipeline, component- and machine housings, pumps, apparatus, compensators, ventilation- and air-conditioning systems
  • MATERIALS – e.g. FRP, glass, ceramics, graphite, aluminum, steel and rubber-coated materials