PTFE-TUBES, virginal (paste extruded), whitish-translucent colour, smooth and antiadhesive inner and outer surfaces. The production of standard tubes in industrial quality meets the requirements of the GKV-standard.


There is a wide range of applications for PTFE-TUBES in industry and research today. Decisive factors are not only the wide temperature range, within which this plastic material can be used, but also the combination of many excellent material properties that distinguish this fluoroplastic.


PTFE-TUBES are used in the chemical industry mainly due to the universal resistance to chemicals. Only liquid sodium and fluoride compounds affect this material under high pressures. The antiadhesive property of polytetrafluoroethylene is an asset when dealing with tacky media. Typical areas of application are:

  • tubes for laboratory and medical use
  • Bowden casing sleeves
  • pressure and valve tubing
  • pipe linings
  • thermal and electric insulation sleeves
  • heat exchangers
  • etc.