Polyetheretherketon (Peek) is a resistant polymer out of the group of polyaryletherketones and offers an excellent combination of proberties typical of this family:

  • Service Temperature: PEEK offers excellent high temperature performance, with glass transition temperature ranging between 143°C(289°F) – 162°C (323°F), melting temperatures between 343°C (650°F) – 353°C (667°F) and a continuos-use temperature of 240°C (464°F).
  • Chemical Resistance: PEEK resists corrosion even at elevated temperatures thanks to its ability to withstand a wide range of acids, bases, hydrocarbons and organic solvents. It has low moisture absorption and is resistant to steam, water and sea water, with low permeability
  • Mechanical & wear properties: PEEK has excellent strenght, stiffness, long-term creep and fatigue proberties. High abrasion and cut through resistance combined with a low coefficient of friction
  • Electrical Performance: PEEK electrical proberties are maintained over a wide frequency and temperature range

Available as:

  • compression pressed tubes
  • Spin Cast pressed tubes
  • extruded poles
  • plates